Looking to organize a field trip for your students?

We offer
several experiences

The Fossilarium, Notre-Dame-du-Nord's science museum, offers several activities, including:

An exhibit displaying over 1000 fossils
Fossils from the region and from around the world
A real dinosaur egg
A replica of Australopithecus Lucy's skull
Deduction games
Handling fossils
Dig excursion at a fossil site

«  Fill your students' hearts and minds with memories that will last a lifetime, by taking them on a rewarding and educational field trip! »


In addition to fossils, we offer an introduction to the fascinating world of insects, as well as a tour of our insect and butterfly collection.

We are well equipped and organized to accommodate groups of up to 60 students.

Our team fosters learning, by helping kids discover science in a simple and natural way, using their senses and interactive activities.

Why choose
the fossilarium?

To have fun while learning! What could be simpler?

We are one of several museums supported by the La culture à l'école program (culture in school), run by Quebec's department of culture and communication. This means you can request financial assistance to come and visit us. http://www.mcc.gouv.qc.ca/index.php?id=2024


Frequently asked questions

No, the tour is free for all teachers, school chaperones, and the bus driver. If parents want to join the group, the price is $5/person

  • 10am - Welcome
      • Snack time, if necessary
      • Bathroom break
      • Split up into tree sub-groups
  • 10:30am - Experiencing 3 activities
      • Fossils exhibit
      • Science activity
      • Insect exhibit
  • Noon - Picnic in the parc, playground time
  • 12:45pm - Safari-Fossiles
      • Bus ride to off-site experience
      • Dig for fossils
      • Fossil identification, with a guide
      • Return to the museum
  • 2pm - Souvenir shop
  • 2:30pm - Departure